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Complete Self-Certification & Medical Documents

To better assist Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders licensed in Georgia to self-certify the type of commerce in which they operate and if required providing medical documentation, DDS has launched a new internet service. Please select the button above to complete this process on-line.

To complete self-certification or to determine if medical documentation is required, a driver must answer the following two (2) questions:

1)  Determine where you are driving a commercial vehicle:

InterState – I am driving from one State to another State or foreign country; or between two places within a State, but the cargo either originated in or will travel to another State or foreign country.


IntraState – I only drive within a State.  The cargo on the vehicle originated in the state and will not leave the state.

2)  Determine if Medical documentation is required for purpose in which you operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle:

If you drive only for one or more of the reasons listed below, you are EXCEPTED

  • School bus operations
  • Transportation performed by a federal government, state or political subdivision
  • Occasional transportation of personal property (Personal use)
  • Fire truck or rescue vehicle
  • Custom farm harvesting operations
  • Private motor carrier of passengers for non-business purposes
  • Human corpse, sick or injured persons
  • 9-15 passenger van (<26,001 pounds)
  • Controlled and operated by a farmer but is not a combination vehicle (no hazardous materials)
  • Emergency delivery of propane
  • Drivers of migrant workers
  • Beekeeper in the seasonal transportation of bees


If you drive for any other reason than those listed above, you are NON-EXCEPTED

Based on your answers to the 2 questions listed above you will be certified into only one of the four (4) categories listed below:

1.   Non-excepted Interstate (NI) – I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce and am required to maintain federal medical certification. (Medical Certificate/Card Required)

2.   Non-excepted Intrastate (NA) – I operate or expect to operate only in intrastate commerce and am required to meet FMCSA driver qualification requirements. (Medical Certificate/Card Required)

3.   Excepted Interstate (EI) – I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce, but engage exclusively in operations that qualify me for exception from the requirement to maintain federal medical certification.

4.   Excepted Intrastate (EA) – I operate or expect to operate only in a city, county, state or federal vehicle only, and I am exempt from the FMCSA driver qualification requirements.

CDL holders can no longer claim exemption from medical certification requirements because they are not currently operating in non-excepted interstate or intrastate commerce. If not specifically included above, they must maintain their medical certification or certify into an Excepted category.

If CDL holders are required to provide a medical certification then they must continue to carry all medical certification documents with them at all times even after completing the self-certification process with DDS.

  • To assist you in determining which type of commercial motor vehicle operation to self-certify please view the FAQs.
  • To read more about the new Medical Certification Federal Requirement visit
  • To view and update your CDL self-certification category and medical document information that is on file with the DDS, go to Online Services and log into your online account; or, create an account if you do not currently have one.


Drivers can submit their self-certification, medical certification or medical waiver along with the “Commercial Self-Certification Form” (DDS Form 1207) by either:

  • Complete self-certification, medical certification or medical waiver online.
  • All documentation may also be submitted in person at any DDS Customer Service Center (CSC).
  • Fax to 770-918-6251.  Submissions by fax must be for individual customers.  Submission of documentation for multiple customers may be sent by mail.  Please include copies of each medical certificate/medical waiver (if required) and notice (if applicable) and self-certification form to:

    Department of Driver Services
    Attention: RM-CDL
    Post Office Box 80447
    Conyers, GA 30013

For assistance, please call the DDS Customer Contact Center.

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Last Updated On: 3/26/2013