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It is very easy to comply …


click here to open the form on a new window

The authorized doctors/medical facilities may have pre-printed forms at their office.
If download link does not work, right click on the link and SAVE the form to your computer.

Please note: The option to submit completed forms using DDS website may not be indicated on the SELF CERTIFICATION FORM.

For your convenience DDS is accepting online form upload on the DDS website starting from first week of February 2013. This option will save you from the hassles of faxing/mailing or having to visit a DDS office for form submission. You will get the confirmation on your status update immediately. Here are the steps to follow:

Visit the DDS Website to create or log into your Online Account
  • Select the ‘CDL: Self-Certification and Medical Documents Status’ option
  • View your current self-certification category and update if needed
  • View your current Medical Documents on file
  • Select the Upload Documents button to upload medical documents
  • Receive a confirmation email

Failure to take action will result in:

  • Notification will be sent to driver advising that they no longer meet medical qualifications 
  • DDS will cancel all CDL privileges 
  • You must provide and maintain a valid medical certificate or your CDL privileges will be cancelled.
  • If you require a variance you must provide and maintain a valid variance or your CDL privileges will be cancelled. 

Licensed GA drivers may visit for more information

Don’t get stranded


Federal Rules require Commercial Drivers subject to the physical qualification requirements of the FMCSA to provide a copy of the Medical Examiner’s Certificate to the Department of Driver Services (DDS) by January 30, 2015.